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Homeopathy utilizes very dilute natural substances to "speak" to the body's immune system and by extension the spirit, mind, will and emotions. The homeopathic "remedy" provides long lasting and complete relief of symptoms and tends to re-set individual drive for  a positive healthful outcome.

Nutritional support brings your physical, emotional and mental processes into balance. Functional medical approaches will bring your health into a lifestyle that yields abundant energy and real health and resilience.

Pain relief utilizing all natural, FDA approved injectibles to eliminate inflammation and return proper function to wrists, elbows, ankles, shoulders, knees, hips, back and neck. No side effects.

Acupuncture and herbs work together to ease symptoms and imbalances. Careful and gentle styles alleviate pain, indigestion, headaches, PMS and much more. It is beneficial to remember that herbs are "nature's pharmaceuticals" -wonderful for  temporary relief.

Counseling for mental, emotional and spiritual guidance adds an optional dimension to your treatment that is a rare find in today's world.

Testing for hypertension, cardiovascular integrity, gut dysbiosis, pre-diabetes, sleep disorders, obesity, ADD, toxins, metabolite balance and more.

"Patient testimonials all say their problems were corrected and balance was achieved- even my four legged patients!"

               What's the difference?

An MD will access simple blood tests and then prescribe appropriate pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate the most annoying and life threatening symptoms- temporarily. Or surgery for a longer term solution.

A doctor of Osteopathy (DO) does the same thing as an MD with perhaps some physical manipulations to re-align the skeleton.
A Chiropractor can manipulate your musculoskeletal system and recommend vitamins.

When you visit me, a complementary medical provider, you-the patient -benefits from Holistic care. This means that the modalities I employ address you as a WHOLE individual. Not a lung, a bone or a disease pathology.

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Your health history defines the specific protocol for your individual needs. I use many natural modalities and laboratory testing, if needed, to adjust and balance your body's biochemistry. Every treatment design is personal, precise, progressive and preventative! You deserve optimal energy, disease-free living, and a stress free inner environment. Decades of research, practice and education yield real solutions for real people like you! Here are a few of the methods I utilize to  encourage and optimize your best health now.

                                       Dr. ​​Mary Lee Bergman

Homeopathic Master Clinician, Natural Medicine Physician,
                 Nutrition  Counselor,  Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine