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1. What can you do for insomnia and anxiety?

MLB: "These health challenges usually begin gradually. Often there is a history of abuse, family dysfunction, or mal-adaption to new people, places or things. I can help by talking with you and obtaining a complete health history. I then design a plan of nutritional changes, homeopathic therapy and /or acupuncture. Within a week or two, you will enjoy sleep and balanced mental/emotional health."

2. I have been diagnosed as "pre-diabetic". Can you help me?

MLB: "This can be a shocking diagnosis considering what diabetes means (insulin shots, finger pricks, weight gain, skin ulcers, amputation, heart disease and kidney failure). You can reverse this diagnosis! Even diabetes can be alleviated with good nutrition. I will design a protocol that will assure that your metabolism is supported. Syndrome X, non-fatty alcoholic liver disease, and children's obesity follow similar regimes to attain optimum HEALTH."

3. I have a herniated disc in my back, what can help me?

MLB: "Herniations are often accompanied by sciatica, weak knees, sore heels and feet. Most herniations occur from injury, but inadequate mattresses or lack of exercise and poor posture can contribute. During a visit for acupuncture or injection therapy, you will be evaluated for the position, side involved and causes of the pain. Treatment will be administered to gently encourage the disc to go into its normal position, thus relieving pain and discomfort. Similar approaches alleviate carpal tunnel, knee injury, tennis elbow and 'frozen' shoulder."

4. Homeopathy helped my sister with acne, can it help with my sinus problems?

MLB:  "Yes, after a detailed history taking, a homeopathic remedy is chosen. Very small pellets or drops are administered under your tongue. The sinus infection or inflammation is

curtailed and you can begin to breathe freely within days."

5. I have been a vegan for the past year. I still experience gas, bloating and constipation alternating with loose stools. Can you help me?

MLB: "Gastric issues have become "epidemic" due to the use of herbicides, genetically modified grains, processed foods and poor food choices. If changing your diet has not helped your issues, you are not alone. After your initial visit, I may order some lab work to discern the inflammation level of your digestive system. Armed with the results, I can recommend nutritional supplements, and lifestyle/diet changes that will support you, your philosophies and repair your digestion permanently. We get results with IBS and Chron's as well."

6. I have auto-immune disease and the prescription medicines don't help me. What can you do?

MLB: "I have spent most of my professional life studying auto-immune disorders. T cells are not getting correct information. My approach is to remove obstacles to cure and re-educate your immune system to correctly interpret and respond to cellular messaging."

7. Allergies have plagued me all my life. I carry epi pens and have a very limiting lifestyle. Is there anything you can do to alleviate my symptoms?

MLB: "Allergies indicate a disordered immune system. Treatments and palliating medications are not strengthening, but depleting.  Gradually, your immune system will respond with the correct assessment and natural treatments."

8. My home was damaged by hurricanes. Since then I feel like I am in a fog. Every thought is fleeting, my memory is weak, I often feel confused or mentally fatigued. Any ideas?

MLB: "Yes. This is common in South Florida, where we have many water-damaged buildings. This condition is called CIRS. It is an inflammation of the brain that occurs after exposure to mold and mildew and mycotoxins. Diagnosis is accomplished with NeuroQuant MRI and blood labs. Once we have ruled out dementia, and Alzheimers, I effectively treat CIRS with nutrition, homeopathy and detoxification."