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4929 N Harbor Isles Dr.

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312

Dr. Mary Lee Bergman, DAOM, HMC, NC       / (954)551-1243               

Homeopathic Master Clinician, Natural Medicine Physician, Nutrition Counselor,

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 


                                       Dr.  Mary Lee Bergman

Skype or Facetime

Homeopathy and some nutrition can be discussed via virtual visits. 

Homeopathy                          $225.

Nutrition                               $165.

Follow ups/acute illness/injury  $45.

*Two FREE text-questions (Post Intake)

*Ask about family discounts and concierge care.

Office Visits

Initial Visit                                 $250.

The intake and history can take 1-2 hrs. 

(Includes nutrition and homeopathy)                              

House Calls / Initial Visit              $250.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy      $90.

Nutrition Counsel                        $185.

Counseling                                  $85./hr.

Facial Rejuvenation                      $185.

Vitamin shots                              $35.

All follow-ups                              $85.

Supplements and Herbs                 Variable

Laboratory fees                            $0-1000.

*Financial Policy: We accept credit cards, checks, cash and most insurance.